The BounceWater Inflatable sales Story

How It All Began

Designing and building inflatables that rent and built to last is the core value of BounceWater Inflatable Sales. Opening our rental company in 2005, we purchased inflatables from many different companies all over the world. After evaluating the pros and cons of these units, we decided to start our own unique builds and designs to help grow our company. From 2010 to 2017, we used all of the units that we built in our rental fleet, testing them for durability as well as how often each of the inflatables was rented to help find successful design trends. After 7 years of testing, we decided to bring these high-quality, creative designs to rental companies all across the USA, thus BounceWater Inflatable Sales was born. 

Located in Central Florida, we understand the Southeast U.S. rental market better than the competition. Our commitment to quality materials, quality products, and customer service set us apart.